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Join us on our 1,000,000 Footprints to save Africa website to view our galleries and websites:   Driven by two Non-  [read more]
It was about 15 minutes before the gates closed at one of the water holes in the Pilanesburg. A couple of heavily armed professional photographers packed-up to leave without any luck . A case of being  [read more]
We marched against the hunting of lions especialled canned lions which are bred solely to be hunted and killed by wealthy foreigners who travel to South Africa to kill these lions in tiny enclosures,   [read more]
We got sponsors to donate school bags with stationary, lunch boxes and juice bottles for the Gr0’s of the Thuto ke Lesdedi Creche on their graduation day. We were welcomed by the Limpopo traditional  [read more]
The High Heels for Horns took place at Jeppe High school for Girls. I did the entire walk in my high heels to shoe my support for Rhino COnservation together with all the other children from children4  [read more]
I received a gold medal for my project, Toxic Tuck Shop, which was about various drinks sold at school tuck shops at the Science and Technology Expo.  [read more]
The girls from the orphanage were happy to have us pamper them at their Spring Festival. I made so many friends and realized how lucky I am to have a wonderful family.  [read more]
Courtney, Cullen, Tristan and I delivered the birthday card to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. We had an interesting trip  around the foundation and were presented with some of the books about Nelson   [read more]
We also visited the children of the Thuto ke Lesedi nursery on Mandela Day and  handed over grocery packets filled with soup and other goodies to the children and senior citizens. It was great to see  [read more]